About us

Label84 is a digital creative agency that develops web solutions and provides technical consultancy services to startups and businesses. We have a team of developers and designers that make beautiful hand-crafted products. Label84 is located in the beautiful city Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. The team consists of Dutch and Vietnamese developers, designers and consultants that'd love to get your idea to the the next level.

The name

The name label84 comes from the country code of Vietnam, +84 is used to call to number in Vietnam. The team is located in Vietnam - so we can label the products we develop as Vietnamese - therefore the name Label84.

Why us

Label84 is the development company behind of some well-known platforms in the Netherlands. An accumulated of 50.000 users already have subscribed to one of our developed platforms. Label84 developed the largest dog community platform and the largest babysitting platform in the Netherlands. Label84 also developed websites for customers in Germany, Belgium, Vietnam, New Zealand and Vietnam.