Our technologies

We build most of our platforms using the PHP framework Laravel. Laravel is the most-popular and supported PHP platform available. PHP is used for the back-end of the platform and for the front-end we use VueJS and SASS. With the power of Laravel and VueJS we can build everything.

We have experience with the following languages: HTML5, CSS3, PHP, Laravel 5, VueJS 2, Bootstrap 4, MySQL, Oracle, Amazon Webservices, Google API and more.



Technical consultancy

We also provide consultancy services to your startup or business. To further develop your idea, improve your current platform or software or perform a platform analysis on security, availability, and possible risk factors.

Digital Marketing and SEO

We have a team dedicated to digital marketing and SEO. To improve your social media pages (Facebook, Google+, LinkedIn, etc.) and manage your advertisements on Facebook, LinkedIn and with Google Adwords.

What we also do

We can add the following features to your platform or software application. All these features we have implemented in previous project and we'd love to show them.

Recurring payments

Add online payments to your site with iDeal, VISA, Mastercard and PayPal.


Add an API to your appliction to enable third-parties to communicate with you.

Interactive charts

Add charts to your administrator dashboard for better analysis.

Intelligent search

Add an intelligent search feature to your site, like Algolia.


Your application can also become a Software as a Service or Platform as a Service.

Email verification

Add email verification to verify your users and block registration listed as spam.

Social logins

Allow users to register with Facebook, LinkedIn, Gmail and others to use your application.

SMS verification

Add a SMS verification to your application for more security.

Two-Factor Authentication

Add 2FA to your site for extra security and can be used with Google Authenticator, Authy, LastPass and others.

CDN networks

Use a CDN for a faster application and better accesibility.


Add scheduled back-ups to your application to always have access to the latest data if needed.

SSL certificate

We add a SSL certificate (https://) to all our sites and applications.


All our sites will be responsive and optimized for mobile and tablet. No need for a mobile application.


Your site will work on the popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox and Safari an the mobile browsers.


We will setup your domain name and set the corret DNS configurations for your site.


We can make your platform location based to get a better user experience.


We can make your site bilingual or even multilingual to reach each user in their own language.


We can add transactional emails to your platform and a marketing emails with MailChimp and other providers.


We can setup a VPS for your application or host your site on a shared server.


Write technical and functional requirements for your application - documents for the developers to develop your whole application.


We optimize your site for a better SEO score. Increasig the speed, W3 standards, Schema.org, etc.