Analytics for your
online business

Gain insights in your online business by analyzing your Mollie subscriptions, payments, chargebacks and refunds.


A better way to analyze

Analyze your transactions at your payments provider Mollie.

  • Mollie Payments

    We will automatically fetch all your organizations transactions data from Mollie via their API.

  • Products & Product Groups

    Create your own products and groups and we'll find all related subscriptions and transactions.

  • Reporting

    Create beautifully charts and daily overviews with our reporting engine. And gain insights in the best performing products.

  • Security

    Your API keys, customers names and all other user identified data is encrypted and not logged. We only backup your data that we need to run our platform. Your transactions are at Mollie.

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Getting familiar with Label84

Label84 is an online platform that allow you to analyze your online transactions from Mollie Payments. With security as our highest priority, we'll download all your transactions and related data. Define your own products and groups to divide your transactions in the correct categories. Use Label84 to gain insighs in sales and even create beautiful sales reports.

“We've build several platform for Dutch startup with Mollie as preferred payment provider. Each time we had to spend a lot of time building a customized reporting engine. This is why we built Label84 - fully customizable and all with all features.”

Founder of Label84

Experience Label84

Get familiar with how Label84 works by exploring the features.


Get your API key(s)

You only need to copy-paste your live_ and test_ API key. No need for importing and exporting.


Download transactions

We will download all your subscriptions, payments, refunds, chargebacks and customers - and link them.


Make it yours

Create your own products (and groups) to gain more insight in your online business sales.

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