Development Agency

Label84 is a Development Agency based in Amsterdam.


Laravel PHP

Laravel is the fastest growing open-source PHP framework and can be used to develop simple sites as well as complex applications.



VueJS is an open-source JS framework that can be used to build performant and interactive pages and applications.



WordPress is the most popular CMS to create beautiful webites with an easy-to-use management system and currently powers 43% of the web.

Add third-party integrations to your Laravel PHP application

Label84 also provides services to integrate third-party API's to your Laravel applications.

- Mollie API

- Stripe API

- Facebook API

- Messagebird API

- OneSignal API

- Google Cloud API

- Pusher API

- AWS Services

and many more..

Hired by companies worldwide

Label84 is hired by companies worldwide to create complex application, international operating platforms, WordPress websites, landing pages and MVP/prototyping.

Send an email to: [email protected]

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Sonus Vietnam
Ephraim Trucks
Choon Heng Logistics